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Thread: Fan speed control with 0-10V while retaining factory kitchen exhaust hood controls?

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    Fan speed control with 0-10V while retaining factory kitchen exhaust hood controls?

    I'm planning to use a RA2 0-10V dimmer (which can switch up to 5A) to control the fan speed on an inline duct EC motor kitchen exhaust fan. While I know I will be able to control it using a Pico remote, ideally I'd like to tie it into the kitchen exhaust hood fan buttons. These buttons determine which of four wires carry 120V to the exhaust hood motor (the built-in motor which I'm disconnecting/replacing with an inline duct motor), corresponding to four speeds low to high.

    Is there a circuit product that would allow me to convert 120V going on a particular wire to correspond to the on/off and % dimming (speed) setting that is sent to the RA2 0-10V dimmer?

    In other words, if 120V goes to wire 1: turn On and set the RA2 module to 10% speed, if there is wire 2 voltage: turn On and set to 40% speed, wire 3: turn On and 75% speed, wire 4: turn On and 100% speed. If there is no 120V on any wire, turn Off.

    Or would this have to be a custom made circuit of some sort?

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    The easiest way to accomplish that would probably be to get those switches off of 120V and turn it to a dry contact situation. You could then go into a VCRX which has 2 contact closure inputs. I guess you’d end up with 2 VCRX’s to accomplish this, as I’m not aware of any other RadioRA way to have a contact closure input.

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    Does the hood liner have 4 separate speed buttons?

    Solder wires from the buttons on a wired keypad to the buttons on the hood liner. Then use 4 8ans switches to send power to each of the blowers 4 speed wires (just program them so only 1 8ans is on at a time)

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