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Thread: Homeworks QSX programming questions

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    Homeworks QSX programming questions

    I have a 3rd party motion sensor tied to the back of a 6 button keypad using contact closure and it is currently working to turn the load on and off.

    The client would like a keypad button to be able to turn the motion sensing on and off with LED indicating the current state.

    And also how do I program a timer in Homeworks to extend the on time for a motion event and also reset whenever motion is sensed again?

    Is there any documentation someone can point me towards relating to this?

    I was given a handout a few years ago at Homeworks class but I have never needed to use variables or custom programming.

    Thank you

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    For the button to turn on/off the motion sensing I would use variables and conditional programming. Have the button toggle a variable and then have the contact closure run to conditional programming something like "If Keypad Motion variable is ENABLED then Turn On Load X". Dont have the software open right now but something like that should be doable.

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    Thanks johnmax that worked. I will spell out exactly how I did it in case someone else can use it in the future.

    Go to program > variables, add variable with 2 states on and off

    On the keypad button program select program type "normal", button type "single action", LED logic "Scene", Under Press On tab select show all "variables" and the one you created should be there, have it changed state to on, under Hold have it changed state to off.
    On the keypad CCI tab, have the input program type "single variable" and choose your variable. under on tab have close turn the chosen lights on, and have open turn them back off. Under the off tab do nothing.

    As for extending the on time I did it on the motion sensor itself which was a LeGrand DT-300 watt stopper. Someone else picked that model of motion out I am not recommending it.

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