I had what I thought was a simple situation, single gang box, one switch controlling one ceiling light. The client ideally wanted to use that box for a Sunnata dimmer control AND couple of buttons for other lights/scenes in the room. The RRST-W3BRL (used on RA3 system) is reportedly not going to work as it is a keypad only, and will not control the load to the lights. The keypad needs the load just for the buttons to communicate to the RA3 controller to talk to other switches.

However, I did get a response from tech support that hope is not lost:

"At this point, the Sunnata style RF keypads are "keypads only" they do not have integral dimmers.
For now, if you need to actually control a load, please use the appropriate Sunnata style RF switch or dimmer.
Lutron has announced that a Sunnata style Hybrid keypad > keypad with integral single circuit dimmer> will be made available. The device is not yet available."

The million dollar question is when will it be available?