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Thread: Staircase question with two on/off swithes

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    Staircase question with two on/off swithes

    I have a stair-case with a basic on-off switch at the top and bottom. The two switches control a small chandelier.

    Can I add a dimmer switch (P-PKG1W-WH) at the bottom only? My fear is that on/off switch at the top of the stairs will jack up the control on the dimmer switch at the bottom of the stairs.

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    That package would not work with the other switch. You would need the Caseta Pro dimmer to work in a wired three way set up. You could use the Pico in place of the other switch, and you would then be able to dim from either location.
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    Thanks for the education. Much appreciated!

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    With a Pro model, you can have a dimmer at the bottom and regular switch at the top. (afraid I don't knew how the switch effects the dimmer as I don't have one.) you can also use a regular dimmer with a pico at the top of the stairs. only issue is Casetas don't have a return to previous setting like some dimmers do.

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    I believe you have classic 3 ways switch connection (3 wires + ground in each switch).
    In-wall dimmer package (P-PKG1W-WH) will work if your total wattage is below 150W;no need to go to PRO package. But I won't recommend you to change only 1 switch. The most easy solution is replace 1 switch with in-wall dimmer, and replace another switch with PICO + Wall mount. Then both switches will be sync and work beautifully.

    Keep in mind, 3 ways connection does not show in the installation manual. Let me know if you need any instruction.

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    Three way wiring is shown in the Advanced Installation Guide here: .

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