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Thread: Telnet login cleanup

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    Post Telnet login cleanup

    I want to clean up legacy telnet logins in a two-repeater RR2 system.
    Inclusive software lists user lutron with default password, then an admin user with an * in the password field.
    Also three generic users for two people plus a user: "guest".
    And finally, two users identified as "preconfigured" -- "Connect Bridge User" and "Default Home Control+ User" -- these two have no delete option.
    I have a connect bridge and use the app.
    Can I delete all of the delete-able users without breaking anything? I have no third party integration.
    Also noted -- passwords are listed in clear text. That seems like a real security problem.

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    I believe you can. You can always keep a backup of the program with all the users. If something breaks, just reload the backup.
    Convergence Technologies Raleigh, North Carolina

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