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Thread: Anyone used Caseta plug in lamp dimmer with LED Lightstrip

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    Anyone used Caseta plug in lamp dimmer with LED Lightstrip

    Hi All,

    Has any user out there tried to use the Plug in lamp dimmer to control an LED Lightstrip (Phillips Hue Light strip, armacost or other)?

    Were you successful? What brand / equipment did you need.

    I have a couple projects such as backlighting / cabinet lighting around TV as well as a display cabinet in the kitchen. both locations have a standard receptacle nearby, and requiring to a permanent switch is not feasible.

    It looks like no LED strips have been tested so just hoping someone has tried them in their own home


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    Did you ever end up trying this? I am looking to attempt something similar, and I'm just wondering if you had any success. Thanks.

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    No, Did not get round to it.

    We changed the living room cabinet design so LED strips no longer were appropriate, and girlfriend decided she didn't want me drilling holes in the brand new kitchen cabinets to install LED strip in the kitchen cabinet.

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    I tried using LED dimmable rope lights,from AQLighting above my cabinets...and they don't turn all the way off(just dim down)...may have to reconfigure the lamp module for on/off only?...

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    I have the basic stick on led strip lights from amazon under my stair railing connected to a 12v wall wart. They not only work with the Caseta lamp modules one of them even dims.

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    I recently moved to a new house so I havent had time to install my under cabinets strips, but I was able to test the system and apparently it works fine.

    I bought these strips. They look great and are VERY bright:Ž-SMD2835...ilpage_o09_s00

    Bought this Transformer from ebay (same brand)

    They worked great... You will have to adjust the low end a bit, but besides that, it worked fine.

    I will try to post a video whenever Im done with the project.

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