When using an in-line module I neglected to ferret out all the places it had be programmed before when I repurposed it in a new location. I copied the 3PD from one room and pasted it into another room. Then renamed it. It was a little strange having the device mysteriously go off/on at odd intervals. Turns out some schedule events and some 'all off' buttons had included it from the old location. Their programming continued to follow the device, leading to the unexpected behavior. On one hand it's nice to know that moving it via cut/paste didn't break the programming associated with it; that's nice.

Yes, it would have perhaps been smarter to just do a factory reset on the device and re-activate it. I'll certainly do that in the future.

But has anyone requested a search feature? It'd be handy to have a way to search for instances of where a device is being used. By name would be a nice start, but I could see where someone might want to find all devices of a given type. Seeing as how RA2 installs aren't going to exceed 200 devices it's not like it'd be "all that difficult" to hunt them down yourself. But search integrated into the software would be nice.

Meanwhile, you can search, you just have to create a Keypad Programming Report, save it to a file and then use a PDF viewer to search it for the text.