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Thread: Automation of keypad backlighting

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    Automation of keypad backlighting

    I'm guessing others have also thought of or have been asked the same, but I figured it might be worth a post anyway

    I have been asked on occasion by customers to be able to adjust keypad back lighting either on a time of day or manual customer controllable manner. This is something that isn't currently possible. The primary reason is to reduce or turn off the potentially distracting backlight for keypads near sleeping areas but then to have the light on or brighter during waking hours.

    I have posted this elsewhere so hopefully Lutron developers have this on a to do list somewhere although I guess it will be a low priority or maybe difficult/impractical to implement.

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    I have had this request also. I just default keypads in any bedroom to dim. Would be nice to have the adjustment.

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    I too have had this requested.
    Funny thing is all the other keypads we install have a ambient light sensor installed, that can be configured for bright and dark.
    I cant imagine this would be very hard to implement, the variables are already in the software, and the backlight intensity level already built into the hardware.

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