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Thread: Sivoia QS Triathalon shade won't roll all the way up.

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    Sivoia QS Triathalon shade won't roll all the way up.

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    Having some trouble with a QS Triathalon shade not rolling all the back up. Initially the shade would roll maybe 6 inches past the bottom of window and then not roll all the up. I was able set the close button on a pico through RA2 to 18% and that prevented the shade from rolling past bottom of window. I tried to reset the shade back to factory, but the program button does not light up even though shade takes an RA2 command.
    Anyone have an idea on how to roll excess shade back onto the roller? If I did that would reprogram the close button on the pico to delete the 18% stop. Thanks CableDude

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    If both the Open and Close limits are off, it sounds like the fabric may have flipped over the top of the tube. Can you carefully take the hembar and wrap it back once over the tube? If not, here is the programming guide to set the limits: . If that doesn't work, please call our 24-hour Technical Support hotline at 1-844-588-7661 when you are on site with the shade.

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