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Thread: Do I need to use 3 separate dimmers on Metalux metalux 24gpt75cf led panels.

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    Do I need to use 3 separate dimmers on Metalux metalux 24gpt75cf led panels.

    Installing 3 led panels each rated at 54 watts. Can I control/dim all 3 with one dimmer.
    Metalux recommended m/n DVTV or DVSCTV and 18 guage low voltage wire for the dimming circuit.
    NOt sure if the dimming circuit can handle all three. Also woiuld 18 guage doorbell wire work.
    Thanx for help/

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    In order to switch and dim the LED panels the DVTV/DVSCTV would require a compatible Power Pack relay module (PP-DV) as the DVTV has only low voltage connections so it must be used with a power pack to turn on/off the fixture's line voltage.

    A simpler solution would be either the DVSTV which is rated for 8A switching and 50mA of 0-10Vcontrol or the DVSTV-453P which is rated at 450W switching and 50mA of 0-10Vcontrol. These dimmers do not require a Power Pack to switch the load as they connect directly to the line voltage to switch it on/off.

    Concerning best wiring practices for 0-10V. Please refer to Lutron's application note located here:

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