First I'll give you some background. My daughter has an interior design business, she bought a building that has two sections the front is the office/design area, the back is the warehouse/receiving area.

I installed Caseta switches in the office area. The warehouse area I can't use Caseta switches because one lighting circuit is 6.8 amps 120volt and the other is 8.9 amps 120volts.

Both circuits are 3-way controlling High bay LED lights. The switches for both circuits are in 2 gang boxes one box located at the outside man door and the other box located by the door to the office.

I want to be able to control these lights from her phone so she can be sure her employees set the lights off and be able to shut them off if they didn't. Since Caseta switches won't handle the amperage of these circuits I was going to use vive, but it doesn't seem like there is a way to do switch controlled 3-way circuit with vive. Any ideas on how I can do this would be much appreciated.