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Thread: RRD-6NA flickering led strip woes.

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    RRD-6NA flickering led strip woes.

    I've got an LED under-counter strip that has had major flicker problems since it was installed. There are only a few "sweet spots" on the RRD-6NA dimmer where it won't flicker.

    Tried swapping out the driver/transformer with two different brand new units. No change.

    Swapped out the 6NA dimmer with a brand new one. Manually tested it and the flicker was gone! Problem solved, I thought.

    Fired up the RadioRA software to activate and transfer the new switch to the Main Repeater. Transfer went smoothly, but the flicker was back!

    I used the triple-tap method to factory reset the new 6NA, and sure enough, the flicker is gone again. As long as the dimmer is not part RR2 network, it works perfectly fine.

    Any ideas?


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    Try setting the phase control to forward or reverse.

    Not all LEDs are dimmable. Check the specs.

    Some strip lights have a high/off/low switch. High usually works better.
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    Well this is easy...IF your lights are dimmable to begin with, by default, the RRD-6NA goes to auto-detect. Once you add it to the system, whatever settings you have in the software overrides the default settings. So if it works in default mode and doesn't work when part of the system, the setting that you have in the system is wrong and you should change it. The newer Pro dimmers make this a lot easier because they have a little tab to remind you but you can still right click on the dimmer and go to advanced setting. There you can pick auto, forward, or reverse. It's better to manually pick the one you want if you know what type of driver you have.

    You have mentioned the brand but I know for sure WAC LED strips have to be in reverse phase so if you have anything other than ELV on the software with that, it's the wrong one. Generally, LED strips have electronic drivers and prefer reverse phase.

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    Problem solved! Thank you randyc and SparkyCoog!
    I had the 6NA dimmer set to ELV/MLV Phase Selectable Dimmer, but totally forgot about how to access the Advanced Settings. Sure enough, it was set to forward phase. As soon as I set it to reverse, not a flicker to be seen!
    Many thanks again!!

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    AC LED strip & Maestro Pro

    Hi All!

    I have an AC LED strip that inherently flickers with line voltage frequency and is marketed as being TRIAC dimmable. I’d like to reduce the flicker effect and am hoping to use a Maestro Pro dimmer to do so. Given that it’s listed as dimmable via TRIAC (which is typically forward phase), will reverse phase work on it? If so, and it reduces the flicker effect, will it only do so below 100% when, in theory, dimming is in effect?

    Thanks so much!,

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