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Thread: Can't reset QSX processor

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    Can't reset QSX processor

    Greetings - can't connect / reset a QSX processor with the unplug/wait 30 seconds/triple tap/ hold triple tap ; I have a valid IP, Already Activated in another project; Firmware version 21.05; Firmware Status : Rebooting; Internet status : InternetWorking; Green light every 10 seconds - any way to reload firmware manually?

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    Try checking the "Force Full Transfer" box in the upper left corner of the transfer screen. There are also commands in the terminal screen that allow you to upload the OS.

    You can also try changing the communication method (transfer screen).
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    Watch the video on youtube, it helped me

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    What youtube video?
    I got a processor that I lost ip connection after updating firmware. All keypads and light loads still work. OOB reset does not work, flashes magenta, then blinks blue. Then comes back and whole house still works. Any ideas here?

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