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Thread: RS232 in QSX?

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    RS232 in QSX?

    I tried building a system and could not find the QSE-CI-NWK piece. Is there any RS232 integration of 3rd party devices with QSX?

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    Pretty sure the NWK is discontinued which is a shame

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    My warm fuzzies for Lutron are disappearing quickly.....

    Can the processor link talk natively to RS485 devices? I see where I can configure IP commands but I don't see where I can put those commands onto a button. Is that possible or is that related to something else?

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    Figured out how to add ethernet device. I'll keep playing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by drewski300 View Post
    Figured out how to add ethernet device. I'll keep playing.
    Adding the Ethernet device, and creating commands in the Designer software is done, i could figure it out as well, but what can be used as an actual Ethernet (to RS232) device?
    Have you found any solution?

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    I haven't worked on it yet but I'm getting closer to needing to figure it out. Here is the document that I'm going off of the try to accomplish the programming task. We are controlling Phantom Screens via a QSX system. I'm hoping to use the ethernet to RS 232 converter recommended in this document. I will either use a Somfy URTSI or their new home hub to send the command to. Fingers crossed!

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    One alternative is using RS232 communication to integrate third-party devices. Many third-party devices have RS232 ports, which can be connected to the QSX system through a compatible interface. The interface would need to convert the RS232 signal into a format that can be understood by the QSX system, such as the QS-Link protocol.

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    Man will they ever stop letting the spammers in?

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