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Thread: Ra3 Observations

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    Ra3 Observations

    So I just upgraded my Ra2 system to Ra3. It went "pretty" smoothly but have some observations:

    I'm curious how upgrades are going to go for larger homes.
    -Disconnect the Ra2 system from the Lutron Connect App. Otherwise, you may have both homes show up in the Lutron App.
    -The Aux repeaters can no longer be connected to the main repeater as the MUX is gone.
    -I was pricing out a job that involves using RS232 to a Somfy URTSI. That cannot happen with Ra3. Not sure if there is an option going forward.
    -I'm guessing the Ra3 processor has less RF output than the Ra2 Main Repeater. So simply replacing the processor was be as easy as swapping them out in a larger system.
    -The surface mount bracket for the processor does not cover a single gang box. Seems like a miss there....
    -I have one keypad that is not connecting. The processor sits in a pantry closet mounted on the wall (not ceiling). The keypad that is not working is one floor directly below the processor. I took the processor off the wall bracket and aimed it down and it still doesn't work (thinking it may be a distance/obstruction issue). Not sure. So I removed it from the programming, reset the device, reactivated, and bam, working again. Weird.
    -None of my devices are too far from the processor so I cannot comment on how well the Ra3 processor works distance wise.

    I'll add more if things pop up.

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    I'm really interested in how your programming moved over in reference to the button scene choices.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MitchE View Post
    I'm really interested in how your programming moved over in reference to the button scene choices.
    I don't think I had an issue with toggle vs. single action carrying over. I do think that the LED logic is off a little but don't quote me on that and frankly I didn't pay as much attention prior to the transfer. I did have particular had a problem when I copied and pasted a new keypad (because the existing keypad wasn't working). None of the copied states pasted onto the new keypad. I will pay a little more attention to it over the next week and let you know.

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    I hadn't thought about the mux link. I guess if you have a detached building you will need to use 2 aux repeaters. I don't do it that often but it is a nice feature.
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