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Thread: Separate RA3 and RA2 in one home?

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    Separate RA3 and RA2 in one home?

    I’d like to keep all of the cool integrations I can do with homebridge like using the motion sensors for things other than Lutron.

    But I really like the design of the new RA3 dimmers and the wood blinds, and still haven’t bought any dimmers or blinds for my house.

    I know that RA3 is backwards compatible with RA2, but could I keep the systems separate until some sort of third party integration is developed for RA3?

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    You can have 2 systems in the same house. You will need to give them separate names so you can use the app. Something like Raleigh-Main and Raleigh-2nd. You can then switch "homes" in the app. They won't talk directly to each other but you can add the RA2 to RA3 whenever you are ready.
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