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Thread: Is the PRO dimmer (PD-10NXD) compatible with a basic Lutron dimmer in a 3-way install

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    Is the PRO dimmer (PD-10NXD) compatible with a basic Lutron dimmer in a 3-way install

    I have a set up where all my 3-way switches are non-Caseta, Lutron dimmer switches.
    They work correctly, in tandem, in these 3-way installs.

    I am planning to upgrade each 3-way so one of the dimmers is a Caseta PRO PD-10NXD dimmer.
    This way I can do smart integrations, and have full voice control over the house, without having Pico remotes involved. (I don’t like them.)

    The spec sheet for the PD-10NXD says it is compatible in a 3-way where the alternate switch is a “toggle”.

    I would like to know if I can keep the alternate switch as the existing, basic, non-Caseta, Lutron dimmer switch which is already installed, or if the spec sheet is literal in that the alternate switch MUST be a basic toggle switch, meaning I have to downgrade all the alternate Lutron dimmers to a basic toggle, so I can use the PRO dimmers.

    Thanks for any info!

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    You would need to use basic toggle switches with the PD-10nxd. From Lutron that would be model CA-3PS

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    You can only have 1 dimmer per group of lights. You would need to use a mechanical switch as Maja noted. If the lights are controlled from 3 or more locations you will need to use Pico remotes.
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