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Thread: Main/Aux Repeater wiring, Ra2 and Ra3

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    Main/Aux Repeater wiring, Ra2 and Ra3

    I plan on using Ra3 main processor, however the home is massive and requires 3 additional repeaters. There is no Ra3 repeater correct? I will only use Type-A devices around the main processor and Type-X devices around the Ra2 Aux Repeaters. The home is in stud framing currently, I want to make sure I get the correct wires to the Aux repeater locations. I have home run 18/4 and cat6 to each repeater location, I have 2 questions:

    1. How do the Aux repeaters connect to the Ra3 main processor? I need a hard wired connection.

    2. Are the Aux repeaters daisy chained? Can I not wire all of them back to the main repeater?

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    The only auxiliary repeaters that are available in Ra3 are the Ra2 Type A repeaters which will only repeat the Type A RF. Type X devices will not communicate with these Type A repeaters. Please keep in mind all Sunnata RF (Clear Connect-Type X) devices should be located within 75ft of the processor and at least 2 Sunnata RF devices (not including companion dimmers/switches) must be located within 25ft of the processor. The first auxiliary repeater will need to be within 60 ft of the processor and then the remaining 3 auxiliaries can be daisy chained from the first. Lutron recommends 1 pair 16-18AWG and 1 pair 18-22AWG twisted shielded. The Ra3 Processor has no ports for wiring an auxiliary repeater. Lastly, we'd like to clarify that RA3 does not support multi-processor systems at this time and each system would be a separate system/file. However, a dual processor system will be available in a future update.

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