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Thread: plain dipole switch works, MS-OPS5M does not

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    plain dipole switch works, MS-OPS5M does not

    Hi. I have a hallway with two dipole rocker switches, which I am able to configure to my liking, and both switches toggle the light as expected.

    If I replace one rocker switch with an MS-OPS5M according to the instructions (no neutral wire at sensing switch, which includes jumpering a traveler to common on the remaining rocker switch), neither sensing switch nor the remaining rocker switch work at all.

    The troubleshooting instructions that come with the MS-OPS5M suggest swapping traveler wires at either the sensing switch or the other switch, which I have tried to no avail.

    I did notice on the MS-OPS5M circuit board (peeking through holes in the back casing) that one of the black wires is connected to a port labeled "black" and the other is connected to a port labeled "black/red". Does it matter which black wire is connected to a traveler or tagged wire? I have swapping the black wires (and the travelers, again), also to no avail.

    I can replace the MS-OPS5M with the original rocker switch, and un-jumper the remaining rocker switch, and rocker switches work again.

    I have tried 3 MS-OPS5M units, so I don't think I have a bad switch, I suspect there is something in the documentation that is incorrect, or that I am otherwise doing something incorrectly.

    Are there any other troubleshooting steps I can try? Thank you.

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    SOLVED: plain dipole switch works, MS-OPS5M does not

    It turns out to have indeed been related to improper grounding.

    The bare ground wires in the other switch box turned out were not bundled together; each of the switches were individually connected to individual ground wires. I guess that was OK for regular rocker switches, but not with the sensing switch.

    To fix things:

    • I bundled together all the ground wires in the switch box, then pigtailed them to the rocker switches.
    • In the MS-OPS5M, I connected the corner black wire (the "black" wire as labeled in the circuit board) to the tagged wire and the other "black/red" wire to a traveler

    Once the switch box ground wires, and the sensing switch black wires were addressed, everything is working as desired; the MS-OPS5M and rocker switch can each toggle the light.

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