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Thread: Stuck in Reload Loop for MyLutron Training

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    Question Stuck in Reload Loop for MyLutron Training

    So I got halfway through the RA2 essentials training, and then took a break. Came back to it tonight, logged into the LCI and then clicked on the United States region. Then I get stuck in this reload loop where it says your training is loading. If I let it run its course it comes up with an HTTP 400 error saying the header is too long. I tried clearing my cookies and that just starts the cycle over again. I also tried clearing the cookies than restarting my PC, different web browser, VPN, different device, making a new account. All with the same outcome. I contacted Lutron for support but was wondering if anyone knew a fix for this or if you have experienced it before?

    I just ordered a ton of RA2 stuff and it just started arriving, most of it is non-returnable and I would like to get started in the essentials software as soon as possible. Hopefully one of you guys or lutron can help me out. Thanks!

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    Email or call Lutron customer service during business hours and they can probably transfer you.

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