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Thread: Questions about update Firware RadioRA 2

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    Arrow Questions about update Firware RadioRA 2

    Good afternoon,

    I have a RadioRA 2 main repeater with firmware version 9.30. I would like to update it, I took the course and I already managed to do it, but I have some questions:
    If I update the firmware, will I lose the project inside?
    I don't copy the project file how can I generate the file from the main repeater?

    Thanks in advance.

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    You shouldn’t lose anything. I would recommend you extract the project file before you upgrade if you don’t have the original project file, just in case. Of course it is possible the upgrade goes sideways and you’ll need that project file to avoid a massive headache.

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    If you do not currently have the project file you will need to extract it prior to updating the firmware. Updating the firmware will erase the project from the Main Repeater. Using Radio RA2 Essentials 11.0 or greater allows you to extract from Main Repeaters with a firmware 6.0 or greater. If the Main Repeater is less than 6.0 extraction was not possible and the original file must be acquired from the original installer or rebuilt from scratch. When you are trying to extract, create a blank project file in the RA2 software, go to the Design tab, find the Main Repeater and save/close. Then go to Tools>Extract.

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    If you update the firmware, you will absolutely lose everything on there so make sure you have a copy of the database. Also, I don't want to scare you, but a few months ago, I was updating a customer's Ra2 system so he could use the connect bridge and the whole thing got bricked. It just froze during the update and all attempts at reviving it failed. Apparently there was a bad batch or something because Lutron was nice enough to immediately issue an RMA even thought that thing was likely out of warranty. It took 2 long weeks to get it but it got the customer all squared away.

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