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Thread: Outdoor Plug -- tripping breaker

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    Outdoor Plug -- tripping breaker

    Two days ago, I brought one of my outdoor plugs in as I don't need it for the christmas lights any longer. I decided to replace a small MeRoss HomeKit outlet as Lutron tends to be far more reliable and just use the plug inside.

    So the setup is: outlet -> Lutron -> small space heater.

    I setup an automation to fire off earlier in the morning so my office is warm when I get up to use it. This worked "okay" with the MeRoss when it decided to listen to HomeKit.

    The last two mornings since putting in the Lutron in its place, I come in to the office with no power as the breaker has flipped. Oddly, it doesn't seem to happen when I turn it on and off manually. Just when the automation fires and tells it to turn on.

    Looking for troubleshooting hints as the only change is the lutron.

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    It's probably never going to work with a heater. Lutron devices don't like the way heaters power up. I'm not sure why it would trip the breaker though.
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