Hello everyone,

I am having an issue with trying to swap out light switches in my bedroom. Currently, I have a light switch by my bedroom entrance that turns the lights on. There is a light switch next to the bed that turns the same lights on, but also has a dimmer. I'm trying to swap out the light switches so that the lights can be dimmed from both light switches. It's frustrating to not be able to walk into the room and dim the lights from there and have to go to one side of the bed to do it. I purchased the Maestro dimmer and a Maestro companion dimmer switch.

I put the Maestro dimmer by the entrance of my bedroom. It's powered up and seems to be working. I then put the companion switch next to the bed, but I can't seem to get that one operational. Here's where it gets sketchy.

The Maestro dimmer by the entrance of the bedroom has 3 wires going to it. Red, white, and black. There does not seem to be a bare/copper wire. The white and black wires go on the right of the switch and the red wire connects to the green wire from the new switch. On the old switch, the white/black went on the right side of the switch and the red wire went on the left side of the switch.

The old dimmer switch next to the bed has 4 wires. Red, white, black, and copper. Based on videos, this appears to be the proper configuration of wires. I'm not sure which wire goes where because the old switch next to the bed had wires going to the wires in the wall. It wasn't wire to screw. So I mimicked the configuration next to the bedroom entrance. White/black wire on the right. Red wire on the left. Green wire to the copper wire.

Is the issue the lack of the 4th wire by the bedroom entrance? This switch is next to 2 other switches (one controls a different set of lights in the bedroom and the other turns on the closet light). I do remember one of the other switches does have a bare copper wire going to it. I don't know why for the Maestro, there does not appear to be a bare copper wire? I that possibly why the switch by the bedroom entrance previously did not have a dimmer b/c of this lack of wire?

Any help and guidance would be appreciated! Thank you!