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Thread: Dummy Caseta With Pico to Operate Garage Door

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    I don't think you can implement your idea because as @randyc said there are typically 3 ways to control a garage door opener. I recommend that you choose one of the options or ask the professionals who installed the door for you. We are on the lookout for a quality garage door, too. We decided to replace the doors and gates in the whole house. We ordered quality interior doors at Now we have to choose and order the front door, garage door, and pantry door. We plan to choose something similar in style to the interior doors so that they match each other.

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    Using Shelly 1 / home assistant

    I used a Shelly 1 relay set to momentary wired in parallel to the dumb switch for my garage opener. I use home-assistant to control my smart stuff (which Lutron has an integration) but it can be controlled via HomeKit, Alexa, Google, etc. The Shelly 1 has the benefit of using mains or 12v-48v wiring (can be powered directly from the garage door opener).

    Just google "Shelly 1 garage door" or look on youtube... there are tons of how-tos using all kinds of different scenes and automations using reed switches and other creative hackery. ;).

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