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Thread: RadioRA2 and Hunter Douglas Shades

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    RadioRA2 and Hunter Douglas Shades

    I have a new RadioRA2 customer with existing Hunter Douglas window shades. Is there a way to control Hunter Douglas PowerView shades from the RadioRA2 and the Lutron Connect app?

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    The only option would be contact closures. I have done HD shades int he past using CCs but I don't think they were power view.
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    No, unfortunately Radio Ra2 hates other shades so your best bet as suggested is using relay outputs which SHOULD work if it has one of those boards with CCI connections. The one I worked on had an R2D7 board that would be used to send serial commands to which was a lot nicer but you'd need homeworks QS for that and a Digi One...which I don't think would even be compatible with QSX now. I'm not sure if the contact closure inputs on those would allow a momentary connection or had to be continuous though. I don't think you can do continuous with these though. Bottom line, I think you're out of luck there...on the bright side, it's the shade guy's problem now.

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