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Thread: Do I need wiring for 3 way switches in new home?

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    Do I need wiring for 3 way switches in new home?

    Hi! We are in the midst of building a new home and I would like to put in Lutron Caseta switches where needed. I have a proposed wiring diagram from the architect showing multiple 3 way wiring setups. Should I go ahead and have the electrician wire those all in just in case, or just have a single one-way Caseta switch with Pico remotes on the walls instead? I guess I would be putting all my "eggs in the Caseta basket" this way.. Thinking that the electrical wiring part would be simpler, and hopefully cheaper to pay for those expensive switches/remotes.. Thoughts? (I haven't talked with my electrician yet..)

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    That's a loaded question. Each Pico remotes uses 1 of the available 75 addresses. Unless you have a very small house you are going to max out very quickly.

    If you need to go beyond 75 devices, want true keypads, etc. RadioRA 2(3) uses a remote dimmer instead of Pico remotes. Remote dimmers don't require an address. You can still use Pico's but they become more flexible when they aren't restricted to a single device.

    I think traditional 3-way wiring could be a good selling point. Not that potential buyers don't want lighting control but they sometimes feel trapped with certain systems.
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