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Thread: Caseta Networking FAQ

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    Caseta Networking FAQ

    Below are some frequently asked networking questions we receive about Caseta Wireless. This thread will be updated periodically with new information.

    Q: Do I need to open any ports or configure my network to use the Smart Bridge?

    A: No. The Smart Bridge makes outbound connections and does not need any special configuration on most networks.


    Q: I have an advanced network and need to setup special rules for every device. What types of connections does the Smart Bridge make?

    A: Outbound to Internet: 80 (TCP), 123 (UDP), 443 (TCP), 8883 (TCP), 7443 (TCP)
    Inbound from Internet: None; no port forwarding required.

    Local Network (inbound from app): 22 (TCP), 23 (TCP), 4443 (TCP), 4548 (TCP), 5353 (UDP multicast), 8443 (TCP)

    Note: These may change with future updates.

    To ensure proper network security and functionality we recommend contacting a network professional if requiring assistance in changing your routerís settings.

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