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Thread: PD-5ANS, track lighting, works once

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    PD-5ANS, track lighting, works once

    Hello, I have a set of track lighting I am trying to wire to a lutron PD-5ANS since it said it works with ELV and MLV lighting and it works initially, then I turn it off and it won't turn back on. It seems each time I do this the load wire and the hot wire seem to change, or the the wires they work with seem to change. I switch the two black wires from the box with the red and black wire on the switch. Then it turns on once again until I turn it off. The LED always remains lit indicating it has power. I almost think it means both should be on the red wire but then what about the black wire on the switch itself? What is going on with this? the track lighting is about 15 feet in the air so I can't look at it, the oldest it should be is from 1986, but the lights on it look fairly new. I believe they are halogen bulbs. I hope all this info helps someone make determinations. Please let me know if anyone can help.

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    The power flipping like that sounds like you have a 3-way and/or a 4-way switch in place. The advanced instructions detail how to make a single 3-way switch work with a 5ANS. If you have more than 2 locations (i.e. a 4-way switch) you will need to replace them with Pico's.
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