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Thread: RF module only works with keypads?

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    RF module only works with keypads?

    I have a room where it is too difficult to run a wire through the wall for a new switch, so a nice solution is to use the RF module and a keypad. But I'm wondering if it's possible to use a regular dimmer switch (RA2 or RA3) along with the RF module? From the product description it sounds like the companion dimmer switches only work in conjunction with the normal switch. Or maybe instead of putting the RF module in the attic, I would have a regular dimmer switch in a hidden location. How do most people approach this? The keypad would work but prefer a dimmer style.

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    The RF module has local buttons but you are correct, it does not work with 3-way/4way switches. The simplest solution is to use a Pico as a remote.
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