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Thread: Bridge Required?

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    Bridge Required?

    I am having a contractor install all new Lutron Caseta smart dimmers throughout the house, but I don't have internet set up yet. Do I need to order a bridge for the contractor to set them up, or can they install the switches without the bridge? I wouldn't want the contractor to be working in the dark once they replace all of the switches.

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    The dimmers/switches will work as stand-alone dimmers/switches. The Pico remotes won't work until the network is installed.
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    You can still pair Pico remotes to the to the dimmers without the bridge installed. If you press and hold the OFF button on a Caseta dimmer/switch for 6 seconds, the indicator lights on the side will start to flash indicating it's in pairing mode. You will then need to press and hold the OFF button on the Pico remote for 6 seconds. Pico remotes such as the PJ2-3BRL will work perfectly fine without the bridge. Scene Pico remotes such as the PJ2-4B-Gxx-EL2/P01/P02/P03 will have limited functionality till the bridge is installed.

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