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Thread: Simple on/off Smart Plug

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    Simple on/off Smart Plug

    I bought the Caseta bridge and a couple wall switches for porch lights. I went with the Caseta system because of the bridge as I didn’t want the traffic for lighting on my normal home Wi-Fi. I’d now like to add some simple on/off plugs like you can buy anywhere for about $20 or so … NOT dimmers, just off/on for things like aquarium lights, Christmas tree lights, table lamps. It doesn’t look like Lutron offers this. Are there any 3rd party smart witches that connect through the Lutron bridge?

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    I'm not aware of any other manufacturers that make a device compatible with Lutron's Clear Connect.

    Caseta does have an indoor plug that can be set to dim or non-dim mode. It only supports 2-prong plugs.

    They also have a new outdoor plug that supports 3-prong plugs.
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