There are 7 shades in the house all hardwired to a CSPS-P1-10-6 Power supply.
When the house was built 18 gauge wire runs were pulled to 6 locations for these shades.
So, one location has only one power line that provides power to two
Sivoia QS Triathlon shades- a dual WIDR setup with each shade side-by-side covering a wide set of patio doors.
Both of the shades have been operating fine since install, a year ago, with one exception: occasionally - twice this year now - one shadeseems to lose its Top alignment Limit. The other is fine, has had no issues with its limit settings. keep in mind, BOTH shades still operate normally.

I have been out there once to reset the top limit, which worked fine for about 6 months. now its lost its top limit again.

Knowing the power line is servicing two shades. I checked the DC power at each shade, readings are: 12VDC.
Looking at the CSPS power supply closely, the shade wiring is connection a 10 position parallel wire bus, so that one supply line SHOULD be getting
all the current it needs for BOTH shades. Since there are only 7 shades on a power supply which, is capable of delivering power needs for 10 shades, I am having a
hard time thinking its the power supply.

Anyone have any ideas why ONE shade would be losing its top limit and the other having no issues

any ideas would be most appreciated.