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Thread: Low voltage on circuit with Caseta switches

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    Exclamation Low voltage on circuit with Caseta switches

    One circuit breaker in our house feeds 4 wall plugs and the ceiling fan and fan light. That wall happens to have the entertainment center (TV, AVR, etc.) on it. I turned on the TV only to have the AVR, Dish Hopper and TV continually reboot. Then the Caseta Fan controller and Caseta switch used for the fan light started flashing all LEDs on and off. Christmas lights on one plug dimmed.

    Unplugged everything from the wall outlets and the Caseta switch and fan controller still flashed. I assumed it was a malfunction with the little string of Christmas lights as that was on the only recent change.

    Breaker off, breaker back on -- same issue. 90vac on all the plugs on the circuit.

    At this point, I assume I screwed up the install of the fan controller and/or the switch. It's a 4 gang box with fan controller, switch, space/PIco remote, and dimmer on a separate circuit. I remembered how difficult that installation was, so I assumed I screwed something up. So I opened it up and removed the fan control and switch by removing the pigtails and re-installing the wire nuts. Breaker back on and nothing. Instead of 90vac, I have 11vac.

    I'm "on the list" with the local electricians, but thought I'd come here to see if anyone has an educated guess?

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    Power typically comes into the box then continues on to the next box in line. It sounds like the wire going to the next box got connected to the output of the dimmer or fan control. That would explain the 90v.
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