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Thread: PD-6ANS Motion Override

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    PD-6ANS Motion Override

    I'm considering trying out some Caseta products. I want to start with the garage inside light. I currently have an Insteon/Indigo set up with a motion detector to turn on the lights and off after a set time. There is also an override I built that lets us permanently bypass any motion commands when we push the Insteon ON wall switch (hardwired). This is used when I am working in the garage and don't want the lights to be turned off by the lack of motion (when I am standing in one place for a while). I must push the OFF wall switch to disable the override.

    Is there a way to do something like this with the Caseta system using a PD-6ANS and the Caseta Motion Detector? I will be installing the Smart Bridge and integrating with Homekit as well.


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    No. Some of the in-wall sensors have features that may do what you want but the would not be controlled by Caseta.
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