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Thread: Caseta outdoor smart plug doesn’t always turn off via motion sensor

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    Caseta outdoor smart plug doesn’t always turn off via motion sensor

    Hi folks. First off — love the Caseta system. I’ve got roughly 65 devices on my network and everything has always worked great… until now.

    I’ve got two of the new outdoor smart plugs (call them plug A and plug B, respectively) that I have set to auto turn on and off when paired with the Lutron caseta motion sensor.

    The A and B devices always turn on properly and almost always turn off properly. Weirdly though, roughly 2-3 times out of 50, plug A will turn off and plug B won’t.

    When this scenario happens (again, it’s very infrequently, but enough to be annoying since lights remain on that should be off), it’s always plug B that doesn’t turn off.

    When it happens, I can open the Lutron app and see the plug is still on and switch it off, and it turns off. It’s like the motion sensor either isn’t sending the off command or the plug isn’t responding when it’s sent the first time.

    I’ve also tried changing the logic to orchestrate this from Apple HomeKit such that plug B should be turned off when plug A turns off… and while there is a delay of about 0.5 seconds for HomeKit to trigger this, it usually worked but also ran into the same problem where (seemingly randomly) plug B wouldn’t turn off and you need to do it manually.

    So I’m at a complete loss as to what’s causing this. I’m going to work around the problem with some custom logic in my Crestron PRO3 to detect this error scenario and manually shut plug B off if plug A isn’t on… but this is obviously just a hack and hoping can figure out what the root cause is.

    Thanks in advance for any ideas!

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    As another data point, I should also note that the plugs are easily within reach of the Lutron hub (less than 20 feet), so it's definitely not a proximity issue (and plug B is actually closer to the hub than plug A).

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    After further review of logs and more days of patterns, I realized it was happening at exactly the same time... and subsequently reviewed the (several) automated schedules and found that someone had erroneously set the light to turn on every day. Mystery solved - now I've cleared the plug B from the said schedule and that should do the trick!

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    I would try swapping plugs A & B. If the issue follows B, the device itself is having an issue. If A starts having issues it is a communication issue. You can try moving the bridge and/or the device. Sometimes a few inches matters. I would also look at what is plugged in to B. Is it possible it is causing some interference when turned on?
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