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Thread: Caseta PD-6ANS-WH won't turn on

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    Caseta PD-6ANS-WH won't turn on

    I have had the Caseta PD-6ANS-WH switch installed for years and it has worked flawlessly up until recently. It now looks like it is working (at the switch and from the app) but it doesn't turn on the lights. If I turn on the switch and then pull out the FASS and push it back in slowly, I can get the lights to turn on. If I turn the switch off, the lights go off but when I attempt to turn it back on, the lights won't go on unless I pull out and slide the FASS back in.

    Should I go through a reset or do people think this switch is shot? Thanks in advance?

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    I'd say the switch is shot. The FASS is a mechanical cut off. It essentially reboots the device. If you are having to reboot it every time, I'd replace it. You can try resetting but I don't think that will work.
    Convergence Technologies Raleigh, North Carolina

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