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Thread: Stay with Caseta or more to a "dealer" solution

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    Stay with Caseta or more to a "dealer" solution

    I am in the framing stage of a new home quickly getting close to the electrical stage. I have installed Caseta fan and lighting switches in my current home which I really like. I will be running the low voltage in my new home; network & audio. I plan to run 18/2 to power 5 Serena shades. I planned to have these shades plug into 110 at the top of some closet of my new ranch home through 5 separate wall warts. This seemed to be the most cost effective way to get powered shades.

    Should I consider one of these dealer solutions that also contain the signal communication wires with the power? The pricing seems to go from <$3K do it myself to
    $8K done by dealer for 5 windows.

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    I'd run the 4-conductor wire. It doesn't cost much more and gives you more flexibility. I'd also run a Cat-6. Lutron doesn't use it but it gives you flexibility and options.
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