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Thread: Setting schedules

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    Setting schedules

    How do you set a schedule to only work during a certain time if day?

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    When you are creating schedules in the Lutron app you want to create one schedule to turn “On” the desired light or lights and a second schedule to turn them “Off”. Please see the steps below to create a schedule.• In the app tap on Schedules tab in main screen• Tap on Add Schedule• All the days are automatically selected. If you want the schedule to happen every day leave them all checked, if you want it to run on just certain days uncheck the days you do not want it to run and select next in top right corner of screen.• Select the time of day you wish the schedule to turn on or to turn off depending on what action you are setting up. You can set a specific time for the lights to turn on or off. Or you can select Sunrise or Sunset which will change daily as this time will use the current local time the bridge was set for when you setup the system. Then select next.• Name the schedule. If it is an “On” schedule put that into the name. For example: "Front Porch On". If you are setting an “Off” schedule name it "Front Porch Off" for example. Select next.• Select the lights in your system that you want to turn “On or Off” with this schedule by checking them and setting their status to “On”, “Off”, or a specific dimming range. Remember if it is an “On schedule” the status of the lights needs to be set to “On” in this screen. If it is an “Off schedule” the status of the lights selected should be set to “Off”. Then select Done (for iOS devices) or tap the check mark (for Android devices) and this schedule will be added.

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