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Thread: Control plug-in module with dimmer switch

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    Control plug-in module with dimmer switch

    I've just added a plug-in module (RR-3PD-1) to one of my rooms. Is there any way to control it via an existing dimmer (RRD-6D) that's already controlling a ceiling fixture? If possible, I'd like the dimmer to control both the ceiling fixture and plug-in module together. I can't seem to find a way of doing this in the programming software. Hopefully I'm overlooking something.


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    No. The buttons on the front of the dimmer will only control the attached load. There is no way to use those buttons to control anything else. RadioRA 2 does not have any programming function that would allow you to say if the dimmer is on, turn the lamp on.

    You could use a Pico and assign both devices to it.
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    Thanks Randy. I was afraid of that. I'll probably go the pico route.

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    You could also use a 3rd party controller like a Hubitat hub to mirror device states. There would be a slight delay as compared to a Pico, but not much.

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