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Thread: LEAP notification speed fixable?

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    LEAP notification speed fixable?

    I’m working on some integrations using the LEAP api and I’ve noticed a big difference in time between the level notifications when using a pico vs the dimmer itself.

    Level changes from the pico show up immediately, makes sense as it has to send the command to actually cause a change. Using the dimmer itself is delayed a second or so, more of a after-the-fact levels have updated notification. This means my automations have a second delay on them when reacting to changes made on the actual dimmer control, even when they are instantaneous and look great when working with a pico.

    Is it even possible this could be updated to both be quick? I’m not aware of any firmware updates for Caseta dimmers so there may not even be a mechanism for distributing changes?

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    This is not something that can be changed at the moment. The fade rate time is set by the device

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    Since the Pico isn't paired to the dimmer, the signal has to go through the bridge. It sounds like the bridge is updating the level based on the signal. I think you will find the same response if you use the app. Lutron doesn't wait for feedback from the device. It assumes the device responded properly. This is true of all Lutron systems (at least the ones I work with). I don't see Lutron making wholesale changes in the way they process feedback.
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