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Thread: Developer API?

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    Developer API?


    I am curious to know if there are any Developer APIs with the Lutron Smart Bridges to be able to do some 3rd party integrations myself? I know Insteon hubs do have an API, but I like the Lutron equipment a bit better.

    The reason I want this is that I have a Home Theatre room in the basement running Plex ( and what I'd like to do as a small side project is detect when a new video is starting to play on my Home Theatre equipment and then, via an API to the Lutron Smart Bridge, tell it to dim my lights (and to subsequently turn them back on after the video is over). Kind of like a movie theatre.

    In order to do this type of integration, the SBP would need to support some form of API. I've scoured the site but can't find anything apparent (doesn't mean it isn't there). For example, with the Insteon system, they have this:


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    RadioRA 2 and HomeWorks have officially published API which anyone can use for integrations. Not so for Caseta, integration with a Smart Bridge was officially allowed through back channel agreements only to a handful of developers -

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