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Thread: Operation of the devices in the rest of the world

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    Question Operation of the devices in the rest of the world

    The Mains wiring is different in many countries.
    Europe 230V 50Hz
    UK 240V 50Hz
    Canada 115V 60Hz
    Brazil 120V 60Hz/2420V 60Hz
    Japan 100V 50Hz/110V 50Hz
    So how does the system control these different voltages and dim then correctly?
    Also, there are many countries that have Line/Neutral wiring and not the split phase wiring of the USA! Are there different configurations of controllers/switches to deal with these issues (a 110V 100W bulb has twice the current to switch an a 220V 100W, and a fixed one time will give a different brightness when controlling 50Hz compared to 60Hz).
    I am not talking of the power supply to the wireless bridge which has an external power supply, or any other similar PSU. I mean the item that actually switches on/off the lights? Does it automatically adjust to the mains voltage/frequency? What is the PF correction for the controllers?

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    Lutron has products designed to work is specific countries based on the local power grid. Not all products are available in all countries. Availability is based on consumer demand in that region. Some North American products are not available in the EU and vice-versa. For whatever reason, RadioRA 2 and Caseta are not available in Europe. RA2 Select is.

    There is a drop down at the top right of that allows you to select the region/country. Unless you are an established dealer in that region/country you probably won't be able to buy those products.

    Lutron does not offer any products with phase-phase dimming.
    Convergence Technologies Raleigh, North Carolina

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