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Thread: Sequence to finish on previous lighting level?

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    Sequence to finish on previous lighting level?

    Is it possible to create a scene where the lights return to existing light level prior to initiating a sequence? i.e. driveway trigger starts a sequence in which a group of Ketra lights begin to flash blue for 10 seconds. After that 10 second sequence, the lights will return to the previous light setting?

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    I'm guessing I will have to set a variable with a button press and if that variable is in the on state it would return to the original button press level. I'm guessing I can't have it go to a dimmed level if they dimmed the load(s) after turning the light(s) on.

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    Thank you for your post, drewski300.

    We recommend emailing with the project file and the requested programming to see if it is feasible.

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    We were able to make something work but it's not perfect. Thanks

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