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Thread: Using a occupancy sensor in a theater

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    Cool Using a occupancy sensor in a theater

    I have a customer where I want to use a occupancy sensor to turn lights on in the theater when you walk in the room. I know the occupancy sensor will turn on lights no problem. Where the problem is after the sensor has timed out and someone moves while watching the movie the lights get turned back on. I am new to RA2 so maybe there is somewhere in the software to add some logic but I do not know where it is. Any ideas for a work around?

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    Great question. I think the sensors don’t actually time out as long as the room stays occupied. So you could turn off the lights and as long as the sensor sees motion before time-out it won’t time-out and lights should stay off. I have the old Energi Tri-Pak system here in my office, which uses the same sensors as RA 2, and that’s how it works here. I’ll have to test it with RA 2 when I’m home
    You’d probably want to set the time-out pretty long to prevent accidentally time-out
    I’m sure someone will chime in if RadioRA 2 handles sensors differently

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    There is no logic programming in RA2. None.

    There is a feature in some of the in-wall sensors that does what you are talking about. The example is a classroom presentation. You turn the lights at the front of the room off so you can see the screen. You don't want movement turning those lights back on. I believe it is called "off while occupied." I don't believe the RPS sensors that work with RA2 have this feature. Tech support can confirm.
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