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Thread: RA2 Hybrid Keypad '3-way' Programming Question - HN3BSRL

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    RA2 Hybrid Keypad '3-way' Programming Question - HN3BSRL

    I added a 3 button hybrid keypad, HN3BSRL, along with an RD-RD in a location that previously had non-RA2 3-way switches.

    My question is regarding what programming if any is needed for the hybrid keypad to have the first button control the load of the light that was previously managed by the 3-way switches, which in my case is the recessed cans at our Friends door.

    In the essentials software, I have tried programming it 2 different ways:
    1. Assigning a 100% load to the first keypad button- which does turn the light on and allow me to dim it with the raise/lower buttons, but does not turn the light off with a single press or double press
    2. Not assigning any programming to that button, which doesn't do anything when it is pressed.

    In all cases, the RD-RD works as expected and controls the light fine.
    See attached screen shot where I have assigned a 100% load to the first button to control the "Friends Cans".

    Thanks for your help.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I figured it out so thought I would post the solution here in case others run into the same problem.

    The mistake I made is that I set the button type to Single/Multi-Room Scene (which is how all my normal dimmer switches are set) but it needs to be set as Toggle Control. You do program the button for the load level that you want when it is turned on.

    Now, works as intended.

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