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Thread: Lutron Claro Recessed Screws - are there longer ones available?

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    Lutron Claro Recessed Screws - are there longer ones available?

    Some of my existing electrical boxes are a bit recessed into my wall, so the recessed screws for the Claro inner plate are a bit short to reach. I cut the back the drywall on one to fit, but it's somewhat of an eyesore to me.

    Are there longer recessed screws out there that will work with the Claro?

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    The Lutron designer products including the Claro wallplate work with screws that take a standard opening. There are longer screws that you could even find at a local hardware supply store. As long as the screw takes the same opening it will work. If you have any other questions our tech support team is available anytime, 24/7 at ( and (1-888-588-7661).

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    Leave the device out of the wall a little and attach the back plate. Then use the device mounting screws to tighten everything to the wall.

    If you use longer screws on the plate the device won't sit flush with the front of the plate.
    Convergence Technologies Raleigh, North Carolina

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