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Thread: RadioRA2 Transfer Time

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    RadioRA2 Transfer Time


    Should it really take more than 30 minutes to do a transfer? I quickly get up to 97 or 98% then it hangs there for a long time.... sometimes.... other time it completes in a matter of minutes.

    Version 9.2, Windows 10, Windows Firewall Off, Wired LAN connection.

    Any ideas why it takes so long? Is it normal?


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    I've been noticing this myself. Since upgrading to 9.2 some of my transfers won't finish at all. They get to 97% and.... nothing, even when left for hours. My config is Windows 7 Pro x64. Previous versions were fine.

    The devices do all seem to get updated, it's just the software that hangs up.

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    The RadioRA2 transfer process has always been questionable to me. It would be nice if there was some sort of messaging telling you that it is actively doing something during the later stages of transfer where it tends to hang.

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    Yup same as QS. I've been complaining to Lutron for a while on this. Not very confidence inspiring when a load goes on for an hour with no indication of what s going on. Or try a 5.5 hour transfer which I've had plenty of. Gotten used to pressing transfer and going to sleep an hoping I wake up and it worked.

    I've spoke to UI people at lutron and voiced my concerns and didn't get the feeling they would address this.

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    How about a better explanation of the mechanics of the transfer??? If I am doing something wrong or could be doing something different, I would love to know.

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    Do you guys have devices in your databases that are not activated?

    I see transfers that vary in length with QS, but rarely do I see anything past 15 minutes.

    I do make a habit of setting my QS processors to static IP and "use remote access" checkbox to choose which processor the PC communicates with. That may or may not help you, but I would try it on any project that takes more than ten minutes to update a simple change in QS.

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    Yes Digit I always do that with my QS systems. Actually as we speak I am loading some updates to a fairly large system with 3 processors and I have some keypads that for some reason are not communicating, and some other keypads in new areas that arent installed yet and therefore not addressed. It is transferring and got to just about the end, and it seems like its trying to talk to the keypads that arent addressed yet, and the transfer progress bar has gone BACKWARDS to about a 5% completed with the same failures over and over. This is ridiculous.

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    That does sound nuts. I do recall seeing a funny scenario once where transfer went PAST 100% and started to climb up to 110%.
    I've seen problems in the past with transfers not finishing or processors dropping offline go away after I reboot my PC.
    Do you have a network of your own, or are you relying on someone else's network?
    Is it possible to set the processors up on your own ethernet with your PC so that you're creating your own network with just your PC and the processors?

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    Yup ive seen the 100+% as well. This is remove over VPN. It finally finished after the transfer gauge went back down to 0%. Crazy. But i have another site where this did this when hardwired in, and also when connected directly to processor. Neither made a difference. Nor did disabling my laptop firewall which seems like a silly suggestion- I havent had to do anything like that in probably 8+ years. At that site I had 5+ hour transfers, which we got down to 45 mins months later by removing programming and some unused presets (site was about 80 shades and many phantom keypads with client desired complicated programming only- Crestron controlled). Still awful since transfer screen doesnt tell you what the hell is going on. Whether its QS or RA2 they really need to fix this.

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