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Thread: PD-6WCL "died" after a couple of days - connected to MLV , LED bulbs

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    PD-6WCL "died" after a couple of days - connected to MLV , LED bulbs

    Hi all!

    An electrician installed a few PD-6WCLs in a couple of our rooms a few days ago. Each of the switches is controlling between 8-11 MLV (magnetic low voltage dimmer) recessed light fixtures with MR16-LED lightbulbs (historically these recessed light fixtures were used with traditional non-LED MR16s). After a couple of days, one of the switches stopped working - essentially died. The other 3 switches in other rooms are still working well. Worth saying also that we have one of the Caseta switches installed and working well in one of our bathrooms for the last 18 months or so, controlling 2-3 of those same recessed lighting fixtures with no issues as well.

    Any thoughts on what could cause this? could it be a compatibility issue? Or just a faulty switch?


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    Hello. The PD-6WCL is not rated for MLV which is why they are failing. The correct Caseta dimmer to use for MLV would be the PD-10NXD with the white neutral wire on the dimmer connected to the neutrals (bundle of white wires in the back of the wallbox). Would need neutrals available of course. Please see dimmer ratings on page 5 of the following link.

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    If the MLV transformers were designed for use with incandescent/halogen MR16s they probably are not compatible with LED MR16s. I've never found an acceptable retrofit for MR16s with MLV transformers. To make this work you will need to replace the MLV transformers with LED drivers.
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