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Thread: Cassetta 3 way and multiple occupancy/motion sensors

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    Cassetta 3 way and multiple occupancy/motion sensors

    Is this possible?
    Cassetta switches in a 3 or 4 way switch config. with two wireless motion/occupancy sensors.

    Entranceway stairs leading to a hallway with a 90 degree turn at top of stairs, then 15' of hallway to another set of stairs (these are parallel to the hallway direction)
    Switches: One at entrance way, one at top of second stairway, and a third (possibly) at an intermediary point between.

    Thanks in advance

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    You would need to use the PD-OSENS-WH Caseta sensors and then Pico remotes in the other switch locations

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    I'm not sure about Caseta but in Lutron's other systems, if you place both motion sensors in the same room they will respond together. For example, the last sensor to see motion will determine the timeout.
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