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Thread: Integrated LED fixture continues to 'glow' in off position

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    Question Integrated LED fixture continues to 'glow' in off position


    I'm not very tech/electrical savvy so I need some help here. I purchased the Home Decorators Collection Integrated LED flush mount ceiling fixture ( I had a dimmer switch already but the light would "pulse" in the off position. Did a quick google search, decided that my dimmer wasn't compatible so I bought the Sunnata LED+ Dimmer. Same issue was happening (I assume because of the light bar on the dimmer) so I purchased the Diva LED+ Dimmer. This stopped the "pulsing" when its in the off position.

    However, when it's in the off position it still seems to be on? Like a constant very low dim/glow that is visible when it's dark. I should also mention that if the light has been off all day, there doesn't seem to be any glow. Like if it's been off all day and I go into the room at night/in the dark, there's no 'glow' visible but if I have the light on for a few hours and turn it off, it's visible (when it's dark in the room). Hopefully that all makes sense

    How/why is this happening and how can I fix it?

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    All dimmers have a minimum load requirement. For LEDs it is typically 1 LED. Due to the wide variety of LEDs it could be 3 or 4 bulbs.

    On the left side of the Diva dimmer there is a small knob that will be covered by the plate. You can try adjusting it. It basically tells the dimmer when it gets down to x% cut the power off.

    Dimmers basically dim in 2 ways. Forward phase dimmers dim on the leading edge of the AC sine wave. Reverse phase dimmers dim on the trailing edge of the AC sine wave. The 2 dimmers you tried are both forward phase. The HD website just says "dimmable." Check the box and documentation that came with it see of they mention "reverse phase, trailing edge or ELV dimming. If so you will need a different dimmer. You may have to contact HD to get the info.
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    The issue you are describing, when the dimmer is off and the light remains faintly lit, is referred to as LED ghosting. Ghosting is most commonly caused due to an incompatibility between the LED dimmer and LED light. A commonly suggested solution is using a reverse-phase/ELV LED dimmer if neutral wires are available in the wall box. Keep in mind, this is not guaranteed to fix the issue but oftentimes can help. Did the fixture come with a dimmer compatibility list or chart to reference? If not, it may be worth contacting Home Depot to see if they offer such information.

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